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We have Custom Hard Cases for every popular phone, tablet and portable device, and we know what works

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Custom hard covers and custom cases are one of our most popular varieties of smartphone, tablet and computer accessories and are offered in a wide variety of styles. With so many options available, there is a custom hard case or cover option to suit every business, school, organization or store's needs.

What Are Hard Covers and Cases?

Hard covers and cases are protective solutions for mobile devices. What separates this type of case from others offered her at Custom Logo Cases is the materials from which they are made. A hard cover or case is constructed out of polycarbonate, a very hard impact resistant type of plastic. Hard cases are designed to protect the back and sides of smartphones and tablets at a minimum, and they snap into place. Our custom hard cases and covers are engineered to the exact specifications of the devices they are designed to protect. As a result, there is no need to remove them to use any feature of a tablet or smartphone.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Hard Cases?

Custom hard cases offer a number of benefits for the users of devices, including:

- Scratch Protection. Hard covers and cases provide ample scratch protection for devices due to the thickness of the plastic. Smartphones and tablets protected by polycarbonate cases and covers are unlikely to be damaged if they are scraped or bumped.

- Slim Fit. Although hard covers and cases are effective at preventing scratches, they still have a slim fit and do not make phones or tablets bulky or difficult to transport or store.

- Durability. Hard plastic cases and covers hold up very well to daily use and will stay new looking for long periods of time.

For companies and organizations that are purchasing custom hard cases and covers, these promotional and protective solutions offer various benefits as well. The cases are:

- Cost Effective. Custom hard covers and cases are one of the most economical options among our custom logo cases and covers. When you buy in bulk, you can enjoy large discounts on the cases and covers and printing is provided free of charge. We even have a low price guarantee on our hard cases and covers. If you find hard covers or cases of comparable quality at a lower price elsewhere, we pledge to beat the price. Plus, shipping is free anywhere in the world.

- Versatile. We can design custom hard cases and covers to fit any smartphone or tablet on the market today. There are many ways that the cases and covers can be customized to allow them to perfectly reflect your brand image. There are many color and finish options available for you to choose from, and most styles can be customized with either a full color logo or all-over artwork printing in full color. You can even purchase hard cases with a luxurious vegan or genuine leather finish.

Explore all of the options available now in our collection of custom hard cases and hard covers!



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