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About CustomLogoCases


CustomLogoCases manufactures and prints custom cases and covers, skins and sleeves for all mobile and tablet devices.

We are specialists in the manufacturing and printing processes of cases, covers, skins and sleeves.

We supply custom cases to a large range of small to global businesses and education facilities, worldwide.

At CustomLogoCases, we provide the best quality cases and covers for every type of end use, with a range of customisation options available at little to no extra cost, and very often below the cost of similar products without custom options.

Large Range

With help from our manufacturing partners, we have created and expanded out products, and now offer a large range of cases and covers for most Apple and Android Devices. Whether you want 10,000 cases with your logo and full custom design as a promotional product, or whether you want a really protective but stylish folio case with your business logo so your salespeople look the best, we have it.

One on One Consulting

We work one on one with you to easily develop your products the way you want them. We consult with you to help provide you the best looking and most functional cases for your end use, whether a law firm or launching a new consumer product, we have a case for you. With the experience we've gained, we constantly update our range of cases and covers to fit in with current trends and popular products.

We are Experts

We know what works, and if you let us know what you need them for, we can tell you what will work for you, giving you options based on budget, use and custom option preferences.

Direct Shipping means Low Prices

Shipping direct from our manufacturing facilities in China allows us to cost effectively ship to just about every corner of the globe, easily and quickly. It also allows for us to be able to offer you the most competitive pricing for cases and covers, so you end up with amazing custom cases and covers at fantastic prices and with short lead times. We are experts in what we do and love talking about what we can make for you to make your brand stand out as much as possible, or generate the biggest band for your dollar.

Look no Further!

Whatever it is, if it's cases and covers you're looking for then look no further than CustomLogoCases. We go above and beyond to help you with all your case and cover needs. Browse our range or go straight to our custom brief and send us a request. We'll do some work and give you options based on your requirements.


Get in contact with us now about your custom case project, whatever size


It's easy, all you need to do is

1 - Get in touch with us via any 'enquiry' or 'quote' button, or checkout with the product that you have chosen 

2 - We get back to you quickly, answer your questions and create/finalise your artwork

3 - You place the order directly with your contact

4 - We make and send your customised products

Enquire now, we can also assist you with selecting the best solution for your needs